Increasing support for the Alliance

This session will be led by a panel of extraordinary volunteers who use their time and talent to increase support for legal aid in Washington. The recent dramatic downturn in the national and world economy occurred with a swiftness that virtually nobody predicted. Facing huge budget shortfalls, state and local government are looking at cutting social services and reducing funding for legal aid programs. Simultaneously, the demand for legal aid services is unprecedented throughout our state. Low-income people with critical legal problems in need of assistance are growing in numbers and desperation. In a time of crisis, the legal community must work together to make the greatest impact possible on public and private funding to allow our legal aid programs to provide timely legal help that will benefit families, neighborhoods, the community and our overall economy. A united front on our charitable giving and legislative advocacy are more important than ever. This session explores the Alliance community’s efforts to grow public awareness, expand advocacy efforts and increase charitable support for legal aid at this critical time. Best practices, existing tools, infrastructure and coordination of efforts will all be explored, as will our current obstacles to success.


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